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Рубрики WWII; Артиллерия; Версия для печати

Re: А откуда,...

>Вроде был только у французов и немцев-австрийцев,
У японцев еще.

>у остальных - 254 или на крайний случай - 234?
Говорят, от французов и пошел.
"During World War I the US Army determined that a 240mm Howitzer was needed. Approximately 300 weapons based on a French design were built after the war. The project to replace the unsatisfactory 240mm (about 9.5") M1918 dated from the mid-1920's

In 1934 it was decided to design an all new weapon to rectify the short comings of the French weapon."

С уважением, Dargot.