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Re: До появления

>Подходит. "Хиэй" получил повреждения, исключающие отход на базу, от крейсеров.

Я - простите - фигею без баяна.

The damage was severe, but manageable. Fires burned in several levels of the bridge pagoda, and the main guns were out of action due to a disruption in theelectrical circuits. Further, the secondary battery was also crippled by the destruction of its control tower; on the other hand, despite approximately 50 large and 85 smaller caliber shell hits, there was apparently little underwater damage and not much water apart from the steering room entering the hull. (However, sincethe ranges the battle was fought at were so close, it is likely that HIEI's armor was penetrated in several cases, and there is possibility that flooded boiler roomsmentioned later were products of earlier damage). Thus theHIEI could be saved if she could get far enough away by dawn which would bring certain air attacks from Henderson Field and the ENTERPRISE.

For four hours the HIEI continued to bulldoze painfully north, but at 0600 as sunrise lighted the battlefield the steady flooding forced the stubborn men to abandon the manual-steering compartment. The abandonment allowed the battleship's rudder to swing hard over to the right, jamming HIEI in a wide starboardturn so that "she circled almost in the same spot".
Meanwhile the HIEI had successfully weathered another series of attacks by seven SBDs, but though they did no damage, a second effort by theVMSB-131's TBFs at 1010 followed five minutes later by nine TBFs from the ENTERPRISE attacked and claimed one torpedo hit on the bow. If so, the damage was slight, but these first air attacks had been quite enough to shatter any confidence Abe had of saving the HIEI. At Midway he had seenthe power of airpower devastate Kido Butai, and known for caution, was inclined to vacate the area at once. At 1020 he ordered the battleship's skipper to beach her on Guadalcanal. However, Captain Nishida Masao's nerve and perseverance proved to be muchgreater. He flatly refused to obey the order, protesting that the HIEI was not mortally damaged, certainly not sinking, and could still be saved. Abe yielded.
Nevertheless, as the afternoon wore on, hopes steadily rose. HIEI was not settling any further, her engines remained useable, and sunset would bring the cloak of darkness, perhaps even tow, and escape. If the use of the rudder could be restored, she could proceed on her own power. Sure enough, divers sent down to pump out the steering room reported that their efforts were succeeding, and within an hour were about 70% complete. By 1430, even Abe was hopeful. He logged that "manual steering had been made possible, thethe fire at the foremast had been placed under control, and the pumping out of the steering room was succeeding". It lookedas if Captain Nishida's faith was to be rewarded.

Ландстрём солидарен:

Before this attack [речь о седьмой атаке] Abe had expected the Hiei to regain steering control shortly, as the pumping of the steering room proceeded well. However, about twelwe carrier attack planes... put two torpedoes into her starboard side.... The second hit aft and holed the starboard engine room and ended efforts to pump steering room dry... It soon became evident she was doomed.

Какое, нафиг, "отход на базу исключён"? Видимо, это из той Вселенной, где после отстрела носового радара линкор остаётся "добить"?