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Рубрики WWII; Версия для печати

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>Ведь у этих навахо точно нет названий тихоокеанских островов. И как отдать приказ на марш или наступление без упоминания населенных пунктов хоть на каком языке?
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То есть, каждой букве английского алфавита давали индейское название, ну а дальше просто.

Two methods of communication emerged. The first rested squarely on a "words for alphabet" system. Certain terms, particularly names, could not easily be given a specific code word. Simply trying to affix an Indian word to each of the Pacific islands on which Marines would land proved futile.

Under the alphabet method, each of the twenty-six letters of the English alphabet would be represented by an Indian term. For example, the island Tarawa would be transmitted as "turkey-ant-rabbit-ant-weasel-ant." In Navajo, the words would be pronounced "Than-zie, wol-la-chee, gah, wol-lo-chee, gloe-ih, wol-la-chee." To avoid repetition, which would make the code penetrable, letters carried multiple terms.