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Рубрики WWII; Танки; Версия для печати

Это книжка С.Залоги, 1997 года "Soviet tanks in combat 1941 1941"

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Soviet tanks in combat 1941 1941 - the t-28, t-34, t-34-85 and t-44 medium tanks

фото на 72-й странице с комментом
Some T-34-85 tanks remained in service for training purposes. One of the more unusual uses was for training Soviet anti-tank dogs. These dogs carried two satchels of high explosive on their sides and had a trigger post on their back. They were trained to run under tanks, and when they did so the vertical post would bend down, detonating the explosive charge. These “guided mines" were used with limited success by the Red Army, and remarkably, the practice continued as late as June 1993 as is evident from this photo. The T-34-85 is the post-war type with the split ventilator domes on the roof.