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Constitutional Status
The Bailiwicks are autonomous British Crown Dependencies. They have their own parliaments and legal systems, and are not part of the UK. The Lieutenant-Governors of each Bailiwick are the Queen’s representatives in the Islands. The UK Government is constitutionally responsible for the Islands’ defence and for formal international representation.

The Bailiwicks are the last remnants of the medieval Duchy of Normandy of which they were part before the Norman Conquest. The Bailiwicks remained in allegiance to the King of England when continental Normandy was lost in 1204. As a result of their fidelity, the King of England permitted them to follow their own laws and customs and liberties; which rights were later confirmed by the charters of successive sovereigns securing for Islands the rights to their own judiciaries, freedom from the English courts (i.e. the rights be governed and judged by their own laws in domestic matters) and other important privileges.


Jersey’s Parliament is the ‘States of Jersey’ which consists of 49 elected members from a mix of island-wide and parochial constituencies.

Jersey citizens have British nationality.

Guernsey’s parliament is the ‘States of Deliberation’ and consists of 38 democratically elected Guernsey members and two elected Alderney representatives.

Guernsey citizens have British nationality.