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Рубрики WWII; Флот; Версия для печати

коррупция, не иначе, поразила британский флот

>Но, увы, длинную дорогу до "убийцы линкоров" пикировщик не то, что долго проходил - он её, судя по опытам с "Нельсоном" в 1948 г., так и не осилил.

раз они пришли к таким неправдоподобным выводам.

Наряд сил был такой

Six Barracuda III naval aircraft were used, and there were four pilots, i.e., two aircraft were always in reserve. The aircraft were based on the Royal Naval Air Station, Arbroath, and were controlled when over the target by R/T from Inchkeith Island. Bombs were released in diving attacks at 55° to the horizontal, diving to the point of release from a height of 4,000 feet at 280 knots. Attacks were made either along the middle line of the ship from astern or from the starboard quarter diagonally across the ship towards the port bow.

бомбили 1000 и 2000 фунтовками


In the last trial a 2,000lb AP Mk IV bomb hit the deck at 232 station, 22ft 6in to port of middle line just abreast the funnel. It perforated all decks and transverse bulkhead down to the middle deck, where it penetrated and rebounded whole on top of the deck. Another similar bomb, dropped in the same fashion, also pierced the armour deck, at 219/220 station. The plating was heavily dished over a wide area and some holding-down bolts blew down and pierced the lower deck.

The conclusions drawn from these tests were:

1. All bombs needed to be dropped from at least 5,000 feet to be effective.

2.Dropped from 3,000 to 4,000 feet, in practice the bombs only penetrated 2.95in to 4.75in.

3. It was not easy to hit the ship from these heights and certainly not from 5,000 feet.

4. It was noted that the ship was a stationary target.

5. It had not been an easy task to pierce Nelson’s 6in armoured deck, but the fact remained that it had been pierced and this proved once and for all that battleships were very vulnerable to this kind of attack. In fact the tests proved that the days of heavily armoured ships were over.

ша-ба-да-ба-да фиА...